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About brandnü: brandnü believe the beauty of sharing: 1+1>2. brandnü is building a platform attracting most Chinese talented designers and artists, most recognizable Chinese and international NGO, social enterprises, rural women cooperatives in China and pairing the groups together and trying to create beautiful handicrafts and market in bigger market to help rural women become economically independent.

brandnü’s name means to create brand new life for Nongjianü that translated as rural women, nü is Chinese word for women. brandnü project is created for Chinese rural women going to have brand new life from the sharing platform.

brandnü project is aiming to build the creative tank then build the bridge to connect between urban and rural, rich and pool, foreign and Chinese, modern and traditional to create more opportunities for the rural women community.

brandnü 項目相信互愛互助的力量:1+1>2。因此構建了一個愛心平台吸引時尚設計師,產品設計師,藝術家幫助農村婦女合作社,城鄉接合處的留守婦女合作社以及城市內的弱勢婦女群體設計更時尚和更有市場的產品來幫助她們達到經濟自立。

brandnü 是我們自創的詞意思是給弱勢婦女提供嶄新的生活!

brandnü 項目目的是建立一個設計和信息資源庫然後通過這些資源建立一座橋梁來連接城市和農村/富裕和貧窮/西方和中國/傳統和現代。通過這座橋梁為弱勢婦女提供更多的就業機會。

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